STORY: Tom & Dr. WolfCHAPTER 2: Dr’s Little Buddy – FunSizeBoys

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Tom’s feet practically lift off the ground when he tries to reach up and kiss Dr. Wolf. The handsome man is well over a foot taller than himself, forcing him to stand on his toes to feel Dr. Wolf’s lips press against his own!Dr. Wolf smiles, amused by the little guy’s enthusiasm and dedication to make their connection. He loves how the tiny boy makes him feel and would do anything to return the favor…Taking off their clothes, the two men toss around, feeling their cocks swell up in their pants. Dr. Wolf removes Tom’s underwear, freeing his shaft to achieve its full strength. Tom is well hung in his own right, but his manhood is proportionally no match for the handsome doctor’s!Dr. Wolf lies him on the bed, stroking his cock as his heavy nuts swing between his legs, drawing the attention of his young guest. Tom plays with his hole, thinking of the massive cock prying his ass apart and drilling his prostate hard and deep.

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