Ian Levine & Connor Maguire in Schoolboy Fantasies 2 Video

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When Conner Maguire comes home to see his dorm mate Ian Levine sulking in the bedroom looking depressed, he asks what’s going on. His buddy wasn’t in class today, but Ian is reticent about telling Conner why he didn’t make it. Eventually though, Ian opens up about a bully who’s been calling him gay. Conner insists that he is giving the bully too much power by letting it get to him, and even if he was gay it wouldn’t matter to him. Ian is still visibly upset, so Conner keeps comforting his friend, rubbing up and down on his shoulders trying to help him relax. After rubbing for a few minutes, Ian admits that it is starting to help. They look into each others eyes, staring for a few minutes, when Connor leans in for a kiss. They make out slowly and deliberately, as if to show that it’s ok and nothing will happen.Conner opens up Ian’s shirt and rubs his smooth chest, rubbing his side. He reaches down to Ian’s pants, feeling the tent in his trousers grow larger and firmer.Connor lays Ian down on his back and opens up the front of his pants. Without delay he takes Ian’s big cut dick into his mouth and works up and down, licking his balls. Connor pulls Ian’s pants completely off, and gets naked himself. Ian leans forward and takes Conners’ cock into his mouth, getting it nice and wet. After sucking on his knob, Connor brings him up for a kiss. Ian doesn’t know exactly what to do, so Connor gently brings him over, straddling him as they make out. Connor’s cock head is pressing up against Ian’s ass, and he Ian starts to slowly press down on it, riding him faster and faster.Connor flips Ian onto his back and starts lifting his buddy up and down on his dick while Ian is jacking off, his eyes darting up and down Connor’s muscular chest. As he’s being fucked, he cums all over his belly. After helping Ian get off, he pulls out and comes over Ian’s belly. Satisfied Conner leans over to make out.

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